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TUDERMA is a cosmetic skincare product line developed by dermatologists with the aim of covering the real needs of people nowadays. It´s main goal is to achieve a healthy skin by preventing and treating damage and cellular ageing. To do so, dermatologists have selected active agents that have been proven to protect the skin and slow down premature ageing, combined with a novel technology, allowing maximum absorption, effectiveness and tolerance.

All these products meet efficacy and safety criteria. We will send them to you free of charge in peninsular Spain. See terms and conditions for shipping.

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  • 31,40 € In Stock

    Illuminating, hydrating and tensing treatment. It contains high tolerance Liposomal Vitamin C. Lightweight texture with immediate absorption. Neutral fragrance suitable for both men and women. 30 ml. Indicated for: dull skin, dark spots, lack of elasticity and anti-ageing. Directions: Apply on clean, dry skin once or twice a day.
    31,40 €
  • 28,10 € In Stock

    The TUDERMA Moisturizing Repairing Cream has been developed for the daily care moisturizing and calming the skin, especially in those damaged or sensitive skins. As a result, the skin gets hydrated, replenished and healthy. It improves skin's resistance to external contamination, cold and wind. Apply in the morning and/or evening. 75 ML
    28,10 €
  • 34,71 € In Stock

    Exclusive combination of four acids (glycolic, salicylic, azelaic and mandelic) in gel texture with intense smoothing action on the skin. Closes pores, renews the skin and deeply hydrates it. Indicated for: acne, acne scars, oily skin, enlarged pores, skin aging, keratotic skin lesions. Apply in the morning and / or evening on the desired area. 100 ml.
    34,71 €
  • 30,58 € In Stock

    Concentrated facial fluid with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and calming effect. Suitable for oily skin, pimples and redness. 50 ml.
    30,58 €
  • 33,88 € In Stock

    Treatment with anti-aging action, progressive peeling and sebum-regulating effect. Homogenizes skin color, reduces wrinkles and pore size. Smoothes the skin and improves its surface. Apply at night to the desired area, avoiding eyes and mucous membranes. In the first applications of retinol we recommend using it only every other night.
    33,88 €
  • 19,01 € In Stock

    Hydrating tonic with allantoin, Fucus extract and organic Aloe Vera. Cleans the skin and restores the PH. Balancing and moisturizing action. Closes pores and unifies skin tone. The skin becomes more luminous and radiant. Apply gently and evenly to clean facial skin and neck. Vaporize it directly or with a cotton ball.
    19,01 €
  • 19,01 € In Stock

    Cleanses the skin in depth. Helps to reduce congestion. Moisturizing action. Helps to reduce skin inflammation. Moisturizing action. With CBD. Does not contain soap. Syndet Gel. Respects the lipid mantle of the skin.
    19,01 €
  • 18,18 € In Stock

    Exfoliating scrub with microspheres. Purifying action. The fine granulated texture promotes skin exfoliation. Improves skin texture, color and luminosity. 
    18,18 €
  • 32,23 € In Stock

    A lightweight, creamy texture that is easily absorbed. Smoothes and hydrates. Closes the pores and evens skin tones. It contains high tolerance glycolic acid. Suitable for sensitive skin. Indicated for dull skin or skin with imperfections, dilated pores, dark spots and anti-ageing purposes. Apply in the morning on clean skin or after the serum. Use...
    32,23 €
  • 29,75 € In Stock

    Day cream. Daily skin care with moisturizing and protective action. Anti-aging effect. With Solar Protection Factor 50+. Moisturizing and repairing action. Protects from cell damage caused by exposure to free radicals. It prevents from sunburn. Antioxidant action preventing skin photoaging.
    29,75 €
  • 136,36 € In Stock

    Daily routine for the care of acne-prone skin. Indications: Acne, oily skin.
    136,36 €



TUDERMA ha desarrollado una nueva línea de salud dermocosmética con base de CBD, que, en combinación con otros ingredientes con eficacia probada y con estudios clínicos, aporta un cuidado específico a pieles sensibles, secas, con imperfecciones o con tendencia a dermatitis o acné.

Exfoliación para renovar las células de la piel

Exfoliación para renovar las células de la piel

29/01/2023 piel , Dermocosméticos

¿Por qué deberíamos exfoliar nuestra piel? Porque elimina las células muertas favoreciendo la renovación natural de la piel y la limpieza de los poros, impidiendo que se obstruyan. La piel queda más limpia, suave y con aspecto luminoso y saludable

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¿Limpias e hidratas la piel a diario?

¿Limpias e hidratas la piel a diario?

11/12/2022 piel , Dermocosméticos

Comienza la rutina de cuidado diario de tu piel con una buena limpieza e hidratación.

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¿Cómo conseguir un correcto funcionamiento del sistema inmunitario?

¿Cómo conseguir un correcto funcionamiento del sistema inmunitario?

07/09/2022 piel , Nutricosméticos

INMUDERMA es un apoyo imprescindible para el correcto funcionamiento del sistema inmunitario hoy en día, el cuál sabemos que puede alterarse con cierta facilidad, favoreciendo la aparición de infecciones y otras enfermedades.

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