Adolescent skin care

If you have teenagers at home it is time for them to start taking care of their skin. The skin of a teenager is in a process of change due to the hormonal alterations of this age so it is important to begin education to maintain good skin health.

This hormonal process increases the size and activity of the sebaceous glands in certain areas such as the face, décolleté and upper back. For this reason, se recommend one or two facial washes per day and the application of a suitable moisturizing cream in case of dry skin or a cream with acne prevention treatment in case of oily skin.

In addition, in the summer period, a sunscreen with SPF greater than 20 should be used during the day.

At this age, in addition to increased sebum production, acne and increased sweating are common. The use of greasy cosmetics such as creams or low quality make-up should be avoided and it is very important to maintain good daily hygiene. To neutralize greasy hair you can wash it daily.