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    PACK of 3 PACKS of 60 capsules as an intensive antioxidant treatment for the skin. Prevents skin aging and cell damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Indications: sun exposure, skin cancer, sun allergy, fair skin or prevention of aging. Directions for use: take 2 capsules a day in the morning. Period: all year round or spring and summer.
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    Skin repair cream, specially formulated to accelerate the skin's regenerative process and protect it from potential external aggressions. It helps repair damaged skin and shields it from microorganisms. Specifically designed for sensitive skin. Fragrance-free. Effects on the skin: Stimulates skin healing and repair Antiseptic and antimicrobial effect...
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  • 35,54 € In Stock

    Intensive treatment that contains an exclusive combination of 4 acids that enhance each other, producing an intense progressive exfoliating effect on the skin. It also contains soothing agents that allow its use on sensitive skin with excellent tolerance. It deeply hydrates the skin with visible results from the first day of use. Effects on the skin:...
    35,54 €
  • 40,50 € In Stock

    DreamBod ®, is a specific product to reshape the silhouette, improve microcirculation, tighten and condition the skin. This body cream, with gel texture and fresh floral scent, is able to improve the appearance of the silhouette through its lipolytic, draining, circulation-stimulating, firming, moisturising and antioxidant action. 4 in 1. 200 ml tube.
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    Preventive hydrating treatment for eyelid skin, stimulating the generation of new collagen. Combats the aging of the gaze. Prevents and reduces sagging and improves the appearance of bags and dark circles. Illuminating effect. Effects on the skin: Induces the creation of collagen Strengthens and redensifies the eyelid skin Minimizes expression...
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    Concentrated treatment in ampoules based on hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, and osmoactive molecules that help retain water both in the skin's structure and on the surface. Effects on the skin: Instant firmness giving a smoother and more even appearance Illuminating flash Deep hydration Indications: Facial sagging Sallow skin Dry skin Aged...
    29,75 €
  • 33,06 € In Stock

    Treatment in the form of a concentrated serum with ultra-hydrating action and a firming tightening effect. Optimizes hydration levels and helps to combat aging. Powerful anti-aging effect that protects the skin from collagen loss, enhancing the cell renewal on the skin surface. Effects on the skin: Instant tightening effect Intensive skin hydration...
    33,06 €
  • 32,23 € In Stock

    Antioxidant treatment with high-penetration liposomal vitamin C and excellent skin tolerance. Vitamin C has been shown to prevent skin aging, especially when combined with vitamin E, which is present in the formula. Effects on the skin: Antioxidant - prevents skin aging Brightening effect Depigmenting - lightens dark spots and prevents skin...
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    Hydrating and mildly exfoliating treatment that contains glycolic acid and vitamin E. It is formulated to improve deep skin hydration, enhancing its appearance from the first day of use. Ideal for daily skin care and preventing aging, it contains soothing agents that allow its use on sensitive skin with excellent tolerance. Effects on the skin:...
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  • 34,71 € In Stock

    Hydrating and nourishing skin treatment with a soothing effect. Specially designed for reactive, sensitive skins or those prone to redness. Antioxidant effect that prevents aging and improves the texture, color, and luminosity of the skin. Effects on the skin: Intensive skin hydration Soothing and anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Illuminating...
    34,71 €
  • 31,40 € In Stock

    Intensive skin treatment with vitamin C and emollient agents. Mask with hydrating and illuminating action. Formula enriched with vitamin C. Suitable for daily or occasional use. Effects on the skin: More hydrated skin More luminous skin Reduces redness and skin inflammation Evens skin tone Indications: Dry or dehydrated skin Skin undergoing...
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    This is a daily moisturizing and photoprotective treatment with anti-aging effects, featuring SPF 50+ sun protection. It contains both physical and chemical sunscreen filters and is fragrance-free. Effects on the skin: Hydrating and repairing Protects against cellular damage caused by exposure to free radicals Prevents sunburn Antioxidant,...
    30,58 €