Common mistakes we make when it comes to sun protection

Most dangerous is the false sense of security in the sun that can come from using a 50+ sunscreen. It is necessary to clarify that sunscreens never offer total photoprotection against ultraviolet radiation and even less so at certain undesirable hours such as midday.

On the other hand, it is very common to forget to apply sunscreen or topical photoprotector in certain areas that will be exposed to the sun, such as the neck, nape of the neck, neckline, shoulders, ears or the back of the feet. And this occurs more frequently in the first exposures of the summer season as the energy of solar radiation is underestimated in months such as March, April, May, September or October.

Another typical mistake is to think that if we are not lying on the beach or in the pool to sunbathe, the sun does not affect us. As you might expect, ultraviolet radiation does not discern whether the skin in its path is waiting to tan or not, whether you are lying down, sitting, standing, walking, running or cycling. That is to say that even if we are not sunbathingthe sun is “sunbathing” on us everywhere.