TUDERMAONLINE is a company that collaborates with the Spanish Butterfly Disease Association (DEBRA SPAIN) by donating 1% of the revenue of the sale of all products.

"Butterfly Skin" disease is also known in medical terms as "Inherited epidermolysis bullosa". It is a severe genetic skin disease that develops from birth. Children that suffer this disease have very sensitive skin that comes away with the softest of touches, forming blisters and lesions, especially in certain parts of their body, like their hands, elbows or feet. The care that these children need from birth is exhaustive and essential for the evolution of their skin lesions. Medical treatment can take up to two or three hours per day and the material to do it property can be very expensive. Children with Butterfly Skin Disease frequently suffer from complications like infections, mucous problems or limited joint movement due to scars. The collaboration between the patient, the family, the nurses and the dermatologists is essential to prevent and treat any possible complications of epidermolysis bullosa.

We, the dermatologists, are very aware of Epidermolysis bullosa, because patients need to come to the practice on a regular basis to treat the frequent complications. We also feel the patient’s and their family’s pain, and see their lack of resources for their care.

Debra Spain is a non-profit association that works with Butterfly skin disease sufferers on a daily basis. They offer free support at all levels: nursing, psychology, training, materials, events and support groups.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the association’s website.