We are a team of dermatologists who have decided to join forces to offer a solution to the daily problems one may experience at the dermatology practice, like never-ending waiting lists, the time spent at the practice and, above all, the difficulty of actually accessing a dermatologist when you need an urgent diagnosis.

  • In our experience, a great many dermatological consultations we attend could be resolved easily and quickly online. Many skin lesions appear suddenly and need to be assessed and treated promptly by a dermatologist. However, it can sometimes be complicated to get access to a dermatologist.
  • We offer a first impression diagnosis through our online dermatologic consultation service. In just a few hours, we send a report with the opinion of an expert dermatologist informing you about the scope of the problem and recommended dermatological treatment. Our objective is to reach out to people and help them solve their skin problems prompt and efficiently. This way, we try to minimise all the stress that usually come hand in hand with cutaneous lesions.
  • We offer cosmetic dermatological products carefully selected and recommended by our medical team that can be purchased on our online shop. These products meet the efficacy and safety criteria, and are good value for money. We send them to you free of charge in 24-48h.

TUDERMAONLINE is a company that cares for others. We destine 1% of the sale of our products to THE SPANISH BUTTERFLY DISEASE ASSOCIATION. Butterfly skin or Epidermolysis Bullosa is a severe genetic skin condition that affects children from birth. It requires exhaustive care which, in many cases, the patients and their families cannot afford.