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Online dermatological consultation

The objective of TUDERMAONLINE is to put you in touch with a highly-qualified dermatologist immediately. Send a medical consultation through our TUDERMAONLINE App, swift and securely. Your selected dermatologist will prepare a report containing a first diagnostic and therapeutic approach.

The operation of our online dermatology consultation service is very simple and hassle-free though our TUDERMAONLINE App. Download it for free from our website, or directly from AppStore or Google Play.

TUDERMAONLINE selects their collaborating dermatologist based on their complete training and broad clinical experience. TUDERMAONLINE is responsible for verifying the legal accuracy of the Medical and Expert dermatological qualifications of each of its dermatologists and vouches for the clinical experience described in each one’s résumé.

The price per consultation is 24 Euros for the standard consultation, with a response in less than 24 hours. For EXPRESS CONSULTATIONS, the price is 46 Euros with a response in less than 2 hours. EXPRESS CONSULTATION will be available when the EXPRESS CONSULTATION button appears in DERMATOLOGICAL CONSULTATION.

If you have your dermatologist’s Web Code, you will get a 5% discount to be redeemed on online consultations.

Payment of the consultations can be made by credit card, VISA or MASTERCARD, on a secure independent payment platform.

Should the dermatologist require further medical data or images for the skin problem, they will contact you by email or mobile, to the data given during the consultation process. In his case, the incoming call received on their mobile shall be from an "unknown number".

If, for whatever reason, your report is not ready before the established delivery time, TUDERMAONLINE shall reimburse you the money paid for the consultation in full.

The concept of online dermatological consultations has proven over time to be effective in most skin problem cases. We know that 7 out of 10 dermatological consultations can be solved online without having to visit the dermatologist personally. In some cases, the dermatologist may need to examine the patient to be able to offer a complete cutaneous examination and obtain more exhaustive information about the patient’s medical history. For this reason, our dermatologist may recommend you visit a dermatologist at a later stage.

TUDERMAONLINE is not an emergency medical service. In the event of a crisis or medical emergency, you must visit an Emergency Department.


Online shop

TUDERMAONLINE makes it easier to purchase the cosmetics and products recommended by your dermatologist. All the cosmetic products offered in our online shop have been carefully selected by our dermatologists, and they meet the main necessary efficiency and safety criteria, and are good value for money.

If you have your dermatologist’s Web Code, you will get a 5% discount to be redeemed on our online shop. Get your Web Code by having a consultation with a dermatologist belonging to TUDERMAONLINE. Learn who they are in the ABOUT US and SHOP sections.

Payment for the products can be made by credit card, VISA or MASTERCARD, on a secure independent payment platform. There is a cash-on-delivery option that has an added cost of 4 Euros. For cash-on-delivery payments, orders must be placed over the phone by calling: +34 686 71 35 05.

Postage and packaging for deliveries to mainland Spain are free of charge for all the orders as of 50 €. The delivery time is 24 hours. Orders received before 6 pm shall be considered made on that same day, except for August, which shall be 3 pm (Monday to Friday excluding national or local bank holidays in the Community of Madrid). In the Canary Islands shipments will be 40 € until 300 € purchase,35 € until 600 € purchase and free of charge as of 900 € purchase with a delivery time of 2-3 days.

For the Balearic Islands, Ceuta y Melilla, postage and packaging shall be 19 Euros plus any applicable additional costs (Single Administrative Document (SAD), Island taxes and customs), which shall be paid directly to the shipping company upon delivery.

Postage and packaging for Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy, Monaco, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Greece and Denmark shall be 19 Euros for packages weighing up to 2 kg. For heavier packages, please contact us on +34 686 71 35 05.

For deliveries to any other country, please call us on: +34 686 71 35 05.

Returns must be made within 14 days. See Terms and conditions for shipping and returns.