Dehydrated skin over the years? Learn why it happens and how to combat it

Dry or dehydrated skin is one of the main skin problems of the population. It is most commonly seen in women over the age of 45 and, although the cause is well known, it is not always easy to restore the skin’s lost hydration and luminosity over time.

Dry skin in detail
Detail of dry skin


The skin is the largest organ of the body and has wonderful properties that are essential for life. The most important are the protection of internal organs and the barrier function of the body by maintaining the temperature and hydration necessary for human survival.

Outline of normal and dry skin
Anatomical differences between normal skin and dry skin

One of the main skin changes that appear with skin aging is that the epidermis loses thickness and therefore its barrier function is altered. As a result, water loss increases and the skin becomes drier and more dehydrated. The appearance of dry skin is dull in color and rough to the touch.

We would like to offer you the five best tips to combat dry skin:

1. Healthy living: drink fluids, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, sleep at least 7 hours a day, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

2. Daily care: avoid soaps or detergents. Gently cleanse the skin with cleansing creams or moisturizing foams. Do not use water that is too hot and reduce the number of washes to one or maximum two per day.

Negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin
Damage of ultraviolet radiation on the different layers of the skin

3. Sun protection: sun damage causes direct damage to the epidermis, altering its barrier function and therefore increasing skin dryness. The regular use of good quality sunscreens provides hydration and prevents damage to the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

4. Apply daily moisturizing creams and masks appropriate for each skin type. Your dermatologist can help you choose them according to your skin type and personal circumstances.

5. Aesthetic medical procedures: there are two dermatological treatments that visibly improve the deep hydration of the skin and increase its luminosity. It is about facial mesotherapy and facial mesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma.. Both treatments are performed in the doctor’s office after an evaluation by a dermatologist specialized in aesthetic dermatology.

Dr. Virginia Sánchez