Disguising facial imperfections

In the opinion of Dr. Virginia Sanchez, the keys to a harmonious face are the symmetry and proportion of the face. The eyes, nose and lips should be proportionate to the size of the facial oval.

However, as we are not perfect, we are going to see some tricks to disguise those little imperfections that we all have…

  • Ideally, the lips should offer a well-defined profile and a thickness adequate to the facial volumes. However, if this is not your case, there is an easy solution: hyaluronic acid injections can redefine the contour and give volume to the lips. It is common for these features to fade over the years.
  • If the size of the eyes is small, we can conceal it with a make-up that gives depth to the eyes. In addition, a highlighter or a good under-eye concealer helps to enhance the look.
  • If the upper third of the face shows a slight decrease in lateral volume (temples), a hairstyle can help to conceal it. For example a well defined hairstyle, not removing the hair completely from both sides of the face.
  • If, for example, we have an incipient flaccidity of the lower third of the face, to maintain its beauty and prevent aging the recommendation would be to perform minimally cross-linked hyaluronic acid treatments on the cheeks (mesotherapy with cross-linked hyaluronic acid).
  • To obtain a “good face” skin tone, it is advisable to use an illuminating serum with vitamin C with illuminating effect and creams with glycolic acid in different concentrations.

These are some examples of small imperfections that we can find on our face, but for all of them there is a solution, consult your dermatologist.