Does hair fall out more in spring?

It’s common to notice increased hair loss during the spring so we asked the Dr. Virginia Sánchez about this topic…

It seems that although there is no scientific evidence, there are different theories to explain this apparent tendency. Among them is that it is due to certain hormonal changes in women or to different biological cycles that differ from one geographical region to another. Currently in Spain, the feeling is that hair falls out more in April/May and October/November.

To maintain good hair health, it is necessary that the body has the necessary nutrients. When there is a situation of resource deficit, the first to be affected will be the hair and nails. Therefore, it is necessary to review how much we spend (physical exercise, work, stress…) and how many quality nutrients we administer to our body. It is important that the basic needs are more than covered so that the hair has the best resources available. It is recommended to take foods rich in zinc, cystine, biotin and folic acid. If our diet is insufficient for the needs of our body it seems advisable to take a supplement of specific vitamins for the hair, also called nowadays nutricosmetics.

If this is your case, TUDERMA has a food supplement specific to strengthen hair, skin and nails that is giving very good results.

This spring, don’t let your hair fall out!