How to prevent and detect melanoma in time

As you may already know, melanoma is, within the types of skin cancer, the one with the worst prognosis and one of the most aggressive due to its high capacity to metastasize to other organs of the body.

You will understand, then, how important it is to detect it in time. In fact, if detected in early stages it has a 100% survival rate, while in advanced stages the prognosis can be lethal.

For the prevention and early detection of melanoma, your role is critical.

Recommendations for prevention and early detection of melanoma

  • Self-examination applying the basic recommendations in the ABCDE rule:
    • Asymmetry: moles are usually rounded and do not present asymmetry.
    • Irregular edge.
    • Irregular or very dark coloration.
    • Diametergreater than 6 mm.
    • Evolution, changes in the mole (darkening, elevation, bleeding…).

    Dr. Virginia Sanchez explains this rule in the following video:

    The suspicion of melanoma will be higher the more ABCDE features are present in a mole. If a mole with any of these characteristics is detected, you should consult a dermatologist.

    Image of melanoma

  • Dermatological consultation: in dermatology offices by means of photographic controls and manual dermatoscopy. Generally on an annual or semi-annual basis in high-risk cases.
  • Digital dermoscopy in the dermatological office: this is the alternative for the most accurate follow-up of moles or nevi. Digital dermoscopy is indicated for anyone with multiple moles, atypical or dysplastic nevi, nevi in locations that are difficult to monitor by self-monitoring, family or personal history of melanoma, fair skin, history of intense sun exposure, etc…

Despite preventive measures, the reality is that the number of melanomas continues to increase in recent years.

Hence the importance nowadays of the existence of Specific Skin Cancer Prevention Units, which have the most advanced systems and trained and qualified personnel for an adequate control of skin cancer. Our recommendation is clear, do not hesitate to go to them at the slightest symptom.