How to take care of your skin from the inside

As you know, food and lack of sleep after a late night alter our skin, producing cellular oxidation and the release of inflammatory molecules. As a consequence, the skin becomes duller and more sensitive to any external aggression.

It is common to have an outbreak of acne, dermatitis or other skin diseases after a period of excess. Alcohol causes dehydration of the skin cells so that the skin becomes drier. On the other hand, it promotes skin inflammation worsening different skin pathologies such as psoriasis and rosacea.

If we want to reverse these effects, we have to learn to take good care of our skin inside and out…

To take care of the skin inside the ideal is to maintain a varied and balanced diet with an adequate intake of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruits, fish and meat. In this case, nutricosmetics can be of great help nutricosmetics can be of great help in this case, since they “feed” our skin from the inside and their components are specifically designed for this purpose.

Taking care of the skin from the outside involves using appropriate cosmetics. It is essential to cleanse the skin thoroughly in the morning and at night. During the day apply a moisturizing cream and sunscreen. At night, apply a cosmetic with treatment such as retinol o vitamin C.

Nutricosmetics “feed” our skin from the inside out

In addition, we can resort to personalized medical and aesthetic treatments whose results are quite immediate.