Hyaluronic acid, to add volume to the lips

Many people come to the clinic because they want to give more volume to the lip or simply want to enhance the lip profile to give projection to the lip.

If we want to have a satisfactory and natural result, it is important to place ourselves in the hands of qualified professionals who use the most appropriate and safest products.

Hyaluronic acid lip filler is a simple and brief procedure. A very effective solution to recover volumes lost over the years.

We can also treat with hyaluronic acid the peribucal wrinkles or “bar code” so that they are not so marked when speaking or gesticulating.

“You can enhance the lip profile or the cupid’s bow, thicken the lower lip up to 20% more than the upper lip (this is considered the most aesthetically beautiful), project the lip, increase thickness when it is very thin or simply moisturize,” explains Dr. Virginia Sánchez, dermatologist.

The hyaluronic acid provides hydration and elasticity to the skin and is very effective in combating aging. It provides intense hydration thanks to its great capacity to attract water molecules.

The effect of this small aesthetic medicine procedure lasts approximately 1 year.