Is the sun good for acne?

Acne-prone skin usually looks better during the summer, or at least imperfections are better concealed, is that true?

In the opinion of the Dr. Virginia Sánchez This improvement is true for most people suffering from mild acne because some of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun has an anti-inflammatory effect on acne lesions. However, this effect is not sufficient in cases of moderate or severe acne.

In either case it is necessary to protect yourself with a sunscreen suitable for your skin type. Currently there are sunscreens with very light textures that are highly recommended for skin with acne: GEL, FLUID, GEL CREAM… On the other hand, filters of this style with color are very practical as they conceal existing lesions. The recommended SPF depends on the skin phototype, 30 for higher phototypes (dark skin) and 50 for lower phototypes (fair skin).

And if you also protect your skin with an oral sunscreen the result will be more effective.

In summary, although sun exposure may appear to have temporary beneficial effects on acne, it is not a long-term solution and can have negative consequences for skin health. It is crucial to protect the skin from the sun and follow a proper acne care regimen, including treatments prescribed by a dermatologist and regular use of sunscreen. If you have concerns about your skin and acne, it is advisable to consult with a dermatological health professional for specific guidance and recommendations appropriate for your situation.