Keratosis pilaris or goose bumps?

Follicular keratosis or keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that has a great similarity to the so-called “goose bumps”. These are rough pimples that can appear on any part of the body, but they can also appear in the skin. The most frequent locations are on the sides and back of the arms, thighs and sometimes on the cheeks.

The Dr. Virginia Sánchez states that “st is a genetic problem generally associated with dry skin or atopic dermatitis.

This is a benign condition in which keratin is retained in the follicle, clogging it and causing inflammation that leads to the appearance of pimples. To the touch the skin feels rough rather than smooth.

How to treat follicular keratosis?

“You have to use a rough sponge or a horsehair glove in the shower to do physical exfoliation two or three times a week,” says Dr. Sanchez.

Creams with exfoliating effect such as Dermafort gelfrom TUDERMA are also of great help in combating this skin disorder.

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