Learn how to choose the best cosmetic for your skin

  • How to determine your ideal facial cosmetic

When choosing a cosmetic, the most important thing is to know the objective we are looking for. There is no doubt about it: the health of our skin comes first. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high quality products with safe and effective ingredients.

Second, what do we need? hydration, radiance, tighter skin, prevention of aging…

Finally, it is necessary to consider any alteration that our skin may present: does it turn red on occasions? Does it flake? Do pimples appear? Are the pores enlarged? Are there spots?

All of these situations should be taken into account before choosing any facial cosmetic. If not properly addressed, we may worsen the health and beauty of our skin.

  • How to know if the cosmetic I’m using is good for me.

A good cosmetic should improve the appearance of the skin. When applied, we should feel that it leaves our skin softer and hydrated. Subsequently, as the days and weeks go by, we can notice that the skin improves in the aspects we were looking for (less red, smoother, more luminous…).

  • How to combine cosmetics and in what order should I apply them.

The order of application of cosmetics is very important and often generates doubts. It will depend on the needs of each skin and the time of day when we apply them.

In most cases the recommended order is:

It’s not always necessary to perform all the steps. There are cosmetics that combine different characteristics into a single product. For example, there are high-quality moisturizers and makeup products that include SPF 20 or 30 sunscreen, which may be sufficient during autumn and winter. There are also tinted sunscreens or makeup with sunscreen included

People with sensitive skin can skip morning cleansing and apply a lightweight soothing cream directly with or without color.

People with fair skin should not forget to include sunscreen all year round (SPF 20 in autumn and winter and SPF 50 in spring and summer).

People with combination or oily skin can skip night creams and apply only cleansing with or without serum.

The timing used when combining cosmetics is another important point. If we apply them one after the other, we can cancel out their effects. The most recommended thing is to wait at least 15 minutes between one product and another. Especially when it comes to sunscreens, as it is essential for them to be well absorbed and truly protect us from solar radiation.

The sensation on the skin when applying one cosmetic over another should be the same as we had when applying the first one, meaning it absorbs properly. The skin should feel smooth and look good, and under no circumstances should product ‘pills’ form. When this happens, it can be due to two things: either the lack of quality in one of the cosmetics used or improper application of them.