Molluscum, a common skin infection

Molluscum is a common skin infection, especially found in children, although it can also occur in adults, for example in immunocompromised persons. This infection is of viral origin caused by a virus of the Poxviruv family.
In children it usually appears on the face, trunk and extremities. The lesions are pink with a small hole in the center, and there may be one or hundreds of them.
“This is a contagious infection and as children touch each other it is common for them to pass it from one to the other.” “They often go away spontaneously, however lesions can be treated with topical application or curettage.”
In the case of most adults, they are infected through sexual transmission. In this case the lesions are usually located on the genitals, abdomen or thighs.

The majority of adults are infected through sexual transmission

We must avoid handling infected areas so that it does not spread, as well as avoid sharing personal objects and sexual relations. As in the case of children, the lesions usually disappear on their own and are only treated if they are numerous or very bothersome. This treatment must be performed by a dermatologist.