Our tips for taking care of your skin during the winter months

We all know the importance of taking care of our skin, however, the type of care it needs is not the same in the different seasons of the year.

While during the summer we must focus on protecting the skin from heat and intense ultraviolet radiation, in winter we must combat the cold, wind and sudden changes in temperature.

Winter weather conditions, as well as the tendency to stay indoors for longer periods of time, cause our skin to dehydrate quickly, making it look drier and duller, as well as easily irritated, causing different types of redness and flaking.

However, not everything will be bad for our skin in winter, as it is the ideal time for intensive treatments to improve the quality of our skin.

If your skin is dry, we recommend using a
facial scrub
scrub followed by a
moisturizing mask
intensive and illuminating mask with a flash effect to illuminate the skin and smooth its surface. In addition, apply daily a nourishing moisturizer with powerful emollients.

In cases of blemishes or irregularities, it is recommended to take advantage of the winter to perform a rotational therapy of active ingredients of high potency and proven efficacy, optimizing the skin’s response to treatment.

If your skin is sensitive you should apply high tolerance cosmetics free of allergens, perfumes and parabens. We recommend daily gentle cleansing followed by moisturizing creams with soothing and skin-protecting active ingredients.

In case of oily skin, we recommend using the facial scrub twice a week followed by active ingredients with a progressive exfoliating and sebum-regulating effect, such as retinoids retinoids combined with soothing agents.

In short, do not forget to adapt your skin care to your needs. It is logical to think that, just as the skin does not need the same at 15 years of age as it does at 45 years of age, neither does it need the same in summer as it does in winter.

In any case, we always recommend a medical consultation with a dermatologist to receive specific cosmetic advice adapted to your needs, optimizing your daily care.

We hope we have helped you and that your skin now looks healthier and more beautiful.