Pay attention to your nails during the summer

In the summer months the nails suffer especially due to intense sun exposure, bathing in the sea and in the swimming pool. Ultraviolet rays and prolonged humidity from bathing, as well as chlorine from swimming pools, cause visible damage to the nails and weaken them at the same time. For this reason it is important to take careful care of the nails at this time of the year.

There are three important points to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid exposure to irritants: hot water, soaps, detergents, some foods… It is recommended to use cotton gloves whenever possible under latex or vinyl gloves to prevent nail damage secondary to contact with these products.
  2. Hygiene: it is very important but should be done with mild products without soaps or detergents and never wash hands (and therefore nails) more than 4-5 times a day. This will prevent skin irritation and weakening of the nails. A soft nail brush may be used once or twice a day if necessary but this is not mandatory.
  3. Moisturizing: the best for the nails is to apply almond oil or similar on the nail plate and cuticle, massaging the cuticle lightly. Once a day is enough to maintain a strong and hydrated nail, as long as we comply with the two previous points.

If we have brittle or damaged nails, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist. dermatologist to make a correct clinical history and look for possible causes. There are multiple causes, both genetic and environmental, that can influence the appearance of thin, ridged or weak nails. Stress and certain nutritional deficits, as well as excessive physical exercise can worsen the situation of our nails, so these are aspects that we must take care of in our lives.

If the dermatologist finds an organic problem that is causing brittle or damaged nails, he/she will be able to guide the most appropriate treatment aimed at the exact cause of the problem (hypothyroidism, diabetes, infections, nutritional deficits…).

If the cause is lack of attention to recommended nail care, the solution is simple: change habits. If the problem is an imbalance between the resources ingested and those needed by the organism, it can be compensated with a specific food supplement for the nails (vegetarian diet, excess of physical exercise…).

Diet and nails

Nails are mostly made up of keratin, a natural protein in our body to which some B vitamins are added. For this reason, a diet rich in proteins of both animal and vegetable origin is recommended. Especially liver is a food considered as one of the main sources of protein and vitamin B at the same time. Nuts are also highly recommended.

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