Protect your skin and hair from the sun and swimming pools


Summer is here: finally!

How long have we waited for this wonderful season in which we need few clothes and enjoy long days, almost infinite due to the luminosity they offer us.
This is going to be my last post of the spring-summer 2013 season in which I insist on skin (and hair…) care in front of the sun (and pools)…

I would like to recall the goodness and badness of our sun. Undoubtedly, sun exposure is necessary for life, both animal and plant. For humans, the sun helps us sleep better at night, regulating the sleep-wake cycle, and it also improves our mood and helps us improve our bone health.

However, it should not be forgotten that “skin tanning” is only a “fashion”, and not necessarily “beneficial” for health. Tanning is a defense mechanism against the damage that ultraviolet rays exert on the DNA of our body cells, including blood cells, since this type of radiation passes through several millimeters in the human body.


To give you an idea of the damage that the sun can have on our body, think that it not only causes skin cancer, but also reduces the body’s defenses in general, predisposing to the development of inflammatory or tumor diseases.

I would like to never again encounter the situation in my practice where parents ask me to insist that their children sunbathe because “being tanned is so healthy…” Right now my decision is to risk my patients’ loyalty by turning the tables and explaining to children how wrong parents can be in some situations…like this one. I’m sorry, but my obligation is to inform…

I say goodbye with some tips to take care of your skin and hair in summer:

Tips to protect your skin from the sun in summer and have a great time at the same time:

1. Get up early to enjoy the best time of the day: less heat, less people, calm sea… you can even do sports outdoors!
2. Get into the habit of drinking and snacking between 12 and 14h. Also take the opportunity to read or chat with your children, your friends… and of course in the shade!
3. Use: cap or hat, sunglasses, cool long-sleeved clothing, sunscreen.
4. Moisturize your skin every day, especially your feet and heels!
4. Eat light foods rich in water: salads, fruits, ice cream, horchata…
5. Take a nap…
6. At 17h you can be back on the beach enjoying all the benefits of the sun and the sea!

Tricks to take care of your hair from the sun and swimming pools:

1. Use sunscreens for your hair.
2. If you can, choose salt pools instead of chlorine, they don’t dry out as much!
4. Wash your hair daily, removing all traces of shampoo and mask.
5. Use hair oil after washing your hair, it will regain all its shine!
6. Personal aesthetic advice: wet look for a night out.

I wish you all a very happy summer!