Rejuvenate your face with medical treatments without surgery

There are different medical aesthetic treatments that we can undergo to rejuvenate the face without the need to undergo surgery:

Fractional lasersachieve global skin rejuvenation. The novelty of this technology is the distribution of the laser energy in multiple, very small points, leaving the surrounding skin intact. This allows for a safe and fast recovery. Depending on each laser and the depth at which it acts, one or more sessions are necessary. If necessary, an anesthetic cream can be used one hour before treatment to reduce possible discomfort. The duration of fractional laser application does not usually exceed 20 minutes and the patient can return to normal activity almost immediately.

The application of botox to produce a lifting effect or elevation of facial tissues is becoming more and more common. However, it is necessary to properly select the patient candidate for this treatment as it is not always applicable. The duration of the effects achieved with this treatment is approximately 6 months.

Facial mesotherapy consists of the introduction of hyaluronic acid into the dermis by means of microinjections. This results in deep hydration of the skin and the creation of new collagen. Several sessions are usually necessary.

Biostimulation with growth factors brings suppleness and light to the skin. It requires a previous blood extraction from the patient to obtain the serum rich in growth factors. This serum is introduced into the dermis with a technique identical to that of facial mesotherapy. This technique is often used in combination with fractional laser or hyaluronic acid mesotherapy.

The new hyaluronic acid fillers are equally safe, offering increasingly longer duration and less discomfort during application, since local anesthetics have been added to their composition.

Consult your dermatologist!