Rejuvenate your skin and prevent skin cancer in just 15 minutes, what is photodynamic therapy?

We are going to explain a novel technology that has revolutionized the treatment of skin cancer in recent years. This is Photodynamic Therapy. It is not a laser, although it looks like one since it also produces a natural rejuvenation and beautification of the skin.

What is Photodynamic Therapy?

It is a dermatological treatment consisting of two parts. The first is the application of a photosensitizing substance in the form of a cream on the area to be treated and the second is the application of a red light for approximately 15 minutes. The time interval between the two parts of the treatment ranges from two to three hours. During this time the area where the cream has been applied should remain isolated from light.

In general, it is not a painful treatment, although it can sometimes produce a burning sensation or heat. Recently, thanks to the new RhodoLED lamp, discomfort is reduced to a minimum as it allows us to regulate the intensity of the treatment at any time and thus optimize its effectiveness.

Skin inflammation and desquamation may appear 48 hours after treatment. In addition, sun exposure to the treated area should be avoided during this time.

Main advantages of photodynamic therapy:

1. It allows treating the most frequent skin tumors avoiding surgery and its consequent scarring. In other words, it eliminates skin cancer with an optimal cosmetic result, which is of vital importance considering that this type of tumors usually appear on the face or décolleté.

2. In addition to treating visible skin cancer, it treats skin cancer not yet detected by the dermatologist’s eye. That is, it cures in advance the skin tumors that will appear in the following months or years after the treatment.

3. It also produces an improvement in skin texture offering a more luminous skin and a reduction of skin blemishes and wrinkles. It is especially effective when used in rejuvenating people with fair skin and a lot of accumulated sun damage.

What type of people are the best candidates for Photodynamic Therapy?

All those who have been diagnosed with skin cancer.

And people of phototype I-III (fair skin) with a history of intense and prolonged sun exposure who wish to improve their skin and prevent premature aging.