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Our shop offers TUDERMA dermatological cosmetics recommended by our medical team.

TUDERMA is a cosmetic skincare product line developed by dermatologists with the aim of covering the real needs of people nowadays. It´s main goal is to achieve a healthy skin by preventing and treating damage and cellular ageing. To do so, dermatologists have selected active agents that have been proven to protect the skin and slow down premature ageing, combined with a novel technology, allowing maximum absorption, effectiveness and tolerance.

All these products meet efficacy and safety criteria. We will send them to you free of charge in peninsular Spain. See Terms and Conditions for Shipping.

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  • 95,04 € In Stock

    Skin care routine with deep cleansing and moisturizing. Indications: Dull skin, mild to moderate aging, dilated pores. Any age and skin type.

    95,04 €
  • 128,10 € In Stock

    Daily cosmetic care routine that moisturizes and nourishes the skin to protect or treat aging skin. Indications: Dull skin, moderate to severe aging, actinic keratoses, dilated pore. Any age and skin type.

    128,10 €
  • 164,46 € In Stock

    Daily care routine for skin with spots caused by solar radiation, age or pregnancy.

    164,46 €
  • 136,36 € In Stock

    Daily routine for the care of acne-prone skin. Indications: Acne, oily skin.

    136,36 €
  • 128,10 € In Stock

    Daily care routine for dry or sensitive skin. Indications: Dry skin, sensitive skin, reactive skin.

    128,10 €