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Routine Acne Trend TUDERMA

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Daily routine for the care of acne-prone skin.

Indications: Acne, oily skin.

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  • Cleansing Gel
  • Illuminating Serum
  • Intensive Regenerator
  • Dermafort
  • Repairing Moisturizer


STEP 1 - Cleansing (Mornings / Nights)

Cleansing gel

STEP 2 - Moisturizing

Mornings - Illuminating Serum + Intensive Regenerating Serum

Nights - 3 weeks Dermafort Gel + 1 week Repairing Moisturizing Cream

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    Antioxidant treatment with high-penetration liposomal vitamin C and excellent skin tolerance. Vitamin C has been shown to prevent skin aging, especially when combined with vitamin E, which is present in the formula. Effects on the skin: Antioxidant - prevents skin aging Brightening effect Depigmenting - lightens dark spots and prevents skin...
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  • 33,06 € In Stock

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    Hydrating and mildly exfoliating treatment that contains glycolic acid and vitamin E. It is formulated to improve deep skin hydration, enhancing its appearance from the first day of use. Ideal for daily skin care and preventing aging, it contains soothing agents that allow its use on sensitive skin with excellent tolerance. Effects on the skin:...
    33,06 €
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    Daily hydrating and soothing skin treatment, particularly suitable for sensitive skin or skin that has been compromised by medical treatments or exposure to pollution, cold weather, or wind. It's an ideal cream to use as a makeup base or as a lotion after shaving. It can also complement treatments for acne that may dry out or irritate the skin....
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    Intensive treatment that contains an exclusive combination of 4 acids that enhance each other, producing an intense progressive exfoliating effect on the skin. It also contains soothing agents that allow its use on sensitive skin with excellent tolerance. It deeply hydrates the skin with visible results from the first day of use. Effects on the skin:...
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    Daily cleansing treatment. Cleanses the skin deeply while keeping it hydrated without drying. Helps reduce skin inflammation. Provides moisturizing action. Contains CBD. Soap-free. Syndet Gel. Effects on the skin: Effectively cleanses the skin without drying or leaving residues. Preserves the skin's natural lipid barrier. Perfect complement for use...
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  • Basic Care Routine TUDERMA

    Basic Care Routine TUDERMA

    Skin care routine with deep cleansing and moisturizing. Indications: Dull skin, mild to moderate aging, dilated pores. Any age and skin type.
    76,03 €
  • Antiaging Routine TUDERMA

    Antiaging Routine TUDERMA

    Daily cosmetic care routine that moisturizes and nourishes the skin to protect or treat aging skin. Indications: Dull skin, moderate to severe aging, actinic keratoses, dilated pore. Any age and skin type.
    109,09 €
  • Spot Care Routine TUDERMA

    Spot Care Routine TUDERMA

    Daily care routine for skin with spots caused by solar radiation, age or pregnancy.
    164,46 €
  • Routine Care for Dry or Sensitive Skin

    Routine Care for Dry or Sensitive Skin

    Daily care routine for dry or sensitive skin. Indications: Dry skin, sensitive skin, reactive skin.
    109,09 €