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Our shop offers TUDERMA dermatological cosmetics recommended by our medical team.

TUDERMA is a cosmetic skincare product line developed by dermatologists with the aim of covering the real needs of people nowadays. It´s main goal is to achieve a healthy skin by preventing and treating damage and cellular ageing. To do so, dermatologists have selected active agents that have been proven to protect the skin and slow down premature ageing, combined with a novel technology, allowing maximum absorption, effectiveness and tolerance.

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    • 78,51 € In Stock

      Ideal as a CHRISTMAS GIFT. Contains Illuminating Serum + Repairing Moisturizing Cream + Intensive Regenerator. INCLUDES an elegant velvet NECESER as a gift. SAVE with this complete treatment pack for the renewal of the superficial layers of the skin. You get a smoother and more luminous skin.

      78,51 €
    • 40,50 € In Stock

      Facial Renewal Pack. Contains TUSCRUB facial scrub + JUVEMASK rejuvenating mask.

      40,50 €
    • 18,18 € In Stock

      Exfoliating scrub with microspheres. Purifying action. The fine granulated texture promotes skin exfoliation. Improves skin texture, color and luminosity. 

      18,18 €
    • 19,01 € In Stock

      Cleanses the skin in depth. Helps to reduce congestion. Moisturizing action.

      19,01 €
    • 32,23 € In Stock

      Concentrated serum with ultra-moisturizing action and firming tightening effect. Optimizes hydration levels and helps fight aging. Powerful anti-aging effect that protects the skin from collagen loss by improving cell renewal of the skin surface.

      32,23 €
    • 34,71 € In Stock

      Exclusive combination of four acids (glycolic, salicylic, azelaic and mandelic) in gel texture with intense smoothing action on the skin. Closes pores, renews the skin and deeply hydrates it. Indicated for: acne, acne scars, oily skin, enlarged pores, skin aging, keratotic skin lesions. Apply in the morning and / or evening on the desired area. 100 ml.

      34,71 €
    • 35,54 € In Stock

      It redensifies the eyelid skin, but also eliminates eye aging, restores collagen, minimizes expression wrinkles and reduces bags and dark spots.

      35,54 €
    • 31,40 € In Stock

      Illuminating, hydrating and tensing treatment. It contains high tolerance Liposomal Vitamin C. Lightweight texture with immediate absorption. Neutral fragrance suitable for both men and women. 30 ml. Indicated for: dull skin, dark spots, lack of elasticity and anti-ageing. Directions: Apply on clean, dry skin once or twice a day.

      31,40 €
    • 32,23 € In Stock

      A lightweight, creamy texture that is easily absorbed. Smoothes and hydrates. Closes the pores and evens skin tones. It contains high tolerance glycolic acid. Suitable for sensitive skin. Indicated for dull skin or skin with imperfections, dilated pores, dark spots and anti-ageing purposes. Apply in the morning on clean skin or after the serum. Use...

      32,23 €
    • 28,10 € In Stock

      The TUDERMA Moisturizing Repairing Cream has been developed for the daily care moisturizing and calming the skin, especially in those damaged or sensitive skins. As a result, the skin gets hydrated, replenished and healthy. It improves skin's resistance to external contamination, cold and wind. Apply in the morning and/or evening. 75 ML

      28,10 €
    • 33,88 € In Stock

      Nourishing cream with rejuvenating action. Antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating effect. Improves the texture, color and luminosity of the skin.

      33,88 €
    • 40,50 € In Stock

      DreamBod ®, is a specific product to reshape the silhouette, improve microcirculation, tighten and condition the skin. This body cream, with gel texture and fresh floral scent, is able to improve the appearance of the silhouette through its lipolytic, draining, circulation-stimulating, firming, moisturising and antioxidant action. 4 in 1. 200 ml tube.

      40,50 €