Botulinum toxin is a protein that, when applied in small doses, produces a relaxation effect on facial muscles, resulting in the attenuation or disappearance of wrinkles without altering the natural expression of the face.

By selectively relaxing these muscles used in facial expression, we achieve the softening or elimination of permanent skin wrinkles that have formed due to repeated muscle contraction, associated not only with aging but also with expressions like anger, stress, or sadness.

Additionally, with its continued use, we can prevent the formation of new wrinkles and thus promote a more pleasant and natural expression.

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The effect is temporary and lasts between 5 and 6 months depending on the area and the patient.

Is it safe?
Very safe Botulinum toxin, thanks to its relaxing action on muscles, has been used for over 20 years for the treatment of neurological and ophthalmic disorders with great safety and efficacy. Currently, millions of people undergo this treatment for aesthetic purposes. In our extensive experience with aesthetic procedures, this is undoubtedly one that offers the best risk-benefit ratio. To date, no serious adverse effects have been reported as a result of its use in cosmetics.

Is the procedure painful?
It produces only slight discomfort since it is applied using a very fine needle. In very pain-sensitive individuals, topical anesthesia can be used prior to treatment to eliminate this discomfort.

Where is it applied?
In areas where wrinkles are most visible: between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, forehead, and in certain individuals, it is also used in the lower third of the face: in the jawline to achieve a lifting effect and in the neck (platysma) to relax the neck cords (platysmal bands).

Its apparent simplicity requires a good understanding of how facial muscles interact with each other because by relaxing certain muscles, we make others play a more important role in making facial expressions. It’s a product that cannot be injected arbitrarily. It must be applied with total respect for the personality and facial characteristics of each individual. The doctor must decide the correct dosage and specific application points so that expressions continue to reflect the natural personality.

Other indications
Botulinum toxin has also been shown to be very effective in the treatment of axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and for correcting asymmetries caused by facial paralysis.

Advantages of botulinum toxin

  • More natural results than surgical intervention. The goal is to “relax,” not to “paralyze,” and therefore, the gaze and facial mimicry do not lose their natural expression.
  • Safe treatment: no health issues.
  • Quick treatment: the procedure lasts a few minutes, and the patient can immediately resume their normal life.
  • Quick onset of effect: the disappearance of expression wrinkles begins to occur within 48 hours of injection. The effect is maximum after 15 days.