Spring is coming, watch out for hair loss!

Spring is approaching and more and more people are experiencing increased hair loss during this season. “With the change of season from winter to spring, and also from summer to autumn, there may be certain hormonal changes in women that make hair loss more pronounced,” says Dr. Virginia Sanchez.

Hair care guidelines

– Take care of your diet. Good nutrition is essential for healthy skin and hair.

– Use the right cosmetics, not only the skin needs the right products, the hair also has to be cared for with good cosmetics specific to the type of hair we have, oily, dry, fine…

– If your hair feels thinner, more brittle and damaged than normal, avoid using hair dryers and straighteners as much as possible.

– There are nutricosmetics that help to improve hair loss and fragility. These are capsules with a high concentration of nutrients to strengthen hair and nails and improve skin health.

If the hair loss lasts longer than 2 months and is clearly visible, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist to study and treat the problem.