Start the year pampering your skin with the right skin routine

TUDERMA’s basic dermatological treatment pack is ideal for starting a daily cosmetic care routine to help moisturize and treat the skin. Until January 15 you can enjoy a promotion on this treatment. Includes the 4 TOP products of the brand:

  • Illuminating Serum TUDERMA
  • TUDERMA Intensive Regenerator
  • Dermafort gel TUDERMA
  • TUDERMA Repairing Moisturizing Cream


  • Mornings: TUDERMA Illuminating Serum + TUDERMA Intensive Regenerator
  • Nights: TUDERMA Illuminating Serum + Dermafort gel TUDERMA
  • 1 week per month replace Intensive Regenerator and Dermafort with Moisturizing Repair Cream.