Take care of your skin at Christmas with a healthy diet

At Christmas we tend to overindulge in foods rich in fats and sugars, which are not very good for our health in general and for our skin in particular. For this reason, we recommend that we propose to limit this type of food and combine them with other healthier foods.

For example, as a dessert we can combine the typical Christmas sweets with seasonal fruits that in addition to coloring our table will give wellness to our skin. We can also play with nuts such as walnuts or hazelnuts as a substitute for the traditional Christmas candies (at least once in a while…).

As a starter a suggestion is to serve a rich soup or cream of vegetables, if we use our imagination we will get an attractive and healthy dish without overdoing it in calories…

And for the second course a fish is always a good choice. Sea bass, sea bass or sea bream are exquisite alternatives to fattier meats such as lamb.

Acne-prone skins are the most affected by the excess of fats in the diet, so they should be especially careful at this time of the year.

On the other hand, it is important not to abuse alcohol, but if we want to toast, it is better to do it with a good wine than with other more sugary alcohols.

And of course drink plenty of water, which always helps to release toxins!