There are other forms of photoprotection, do you know them?

There are nutritional supplements that promote photoprotection and complement topical photoprotectors. We must understand them as one more element in the overall protection strategy, without ever replacing sun creams. Oral photoprotectors usually contain several principles that activate different photoprotection mechanisms, especially through antioxidant actions.

For example, nicotinamide (active form of vitamin B3) prevents the development of actinic keratoses and squamous cancer. Carotenoids (pigments synthesized exclusively by plants that are abundant in some fruits and vegetables) or Polypodium leucotomos (extract of a Central American fern) may reduce UVRB erythema. But not only would they protect against UVB, they could also provide much better protection against UVA, as these supplements contain antioxidants and UVA exerts its effects through oxidative stress.

Some elements act synergistically, such as the combination of carotenoids and vitamin E, or vitamin C and vitamin E. Other substances with photoprotective capacity, among others, are: green tea polyphenols, cocoa extract rich in flavonoids, isoflavones or resveratrol.

Oral photoprotection complements other known measures. Although some time ago it seemed to be intended for certain groups of patients (skin cancer, very light phototypes, photosensitive diseases…), today we believe that they benefit the population as a whole and their use has become more popular.