TUDERMA DREAMBOD: The 4-in-1 body elixir

This new global body treatment performs an effective multiple action: slimming, anti-cellulite, tightening and draining thanks to its formula with a powerful cocktail of active ingredients, such as caffeine, carnitine, pink pepper, DMAE, ginkgo biloba, ivy extract and silicon, among others.

DreamBod is a specific product to reshape the silhouette, improve microcirculation, tighten the skin and condition it at all levels. The perfect product to take care of your body all year round.

A single product for multiple action

The secret of TUDERMA DreamBod is the direct knowledge of the dermatologists responsible for its formulation of the needs of patients in consultation. The best ingredients are combined to improve the different areas of concern at the body level: excess volume, lack of tone or elasticity and, of course, hydration and nutrition.

This cosmetic, with gel texture and fresh floral scent, is able to improve the appearance of the silhouette through its lipolytic, draining, circulation stimulating, firming, moisturizing and antioxidant action. A real active bomb that will dynamite your daily care routine.

Effective ingredients to achieve the body of your dreams

To achieve the desired result, TUDERMA ‘s team of dermatologists has developed a formula for this DreamBod with such powerful ingredients as:

  • Caffeine, pink pepper and carnitine. Its combined lipolytic action promotes the reduction of fatty nodules, improving the appearance of the skin surface and increasing epidermal flexibility.

  • DMAE and ginger extract. Improves skin tone and firmness, thanks to its modeling and anti-aging properties.

  • Silicon and ivy extract. They stimulate fibroblasts, improving the bonds between elastin and collagen fibers.

  • Forskolin. Reactivates skin microcirculation and improves skin elasticity.

  • Ginkgo biloba. It activates blood circulation, promotes collagen synthesis and counteracts the action of free radicals.

  • Seaweed extract. It slows down the formation of new adipose accumulations.

  • Sea salts and birch extract. They favor the drainage of liquids accumulated in the cutaneous tissues.

  • Poria Cocos Extract. It regulates hydration and calms the epidermal nervous system. It acts as an astringent, toning and protective against external factors that promote cellular oxidation.

  • Hawthorn and chameleon plant extract. Both are soothing and refreshing, soothing irritated skin and preventing thermal or actinic erythema.

  • Wheat germ extract. Rich in vitamin E, it tightens and improves the appearance of the skin.

  • Centella asiatica extract. Tones and reactivates microcirculation, promoting the drainage of excess retained fluids.

  • Butcher’s broom extract. Improves microcirculation, treating heavy legs, swelling or numbness resulting from venous insufficiency.

  • Shea. Softens, conditions and nourishes the skin, thanks to its fatty acid content.