Watch out for the heat on your legs!

Some of our daily habits can be detrimental to the health of our skin and most of the time we are not aware of it.

Nowadays it is common to work with the laptop on our legs… and we are probably unaware that the manuals warn us that exposing the skin to heat for a prolonged period of time can cause burns.

We have contrasted this information with our team of dermatologists and they agree that the heat given off by the machines can cause erythema or redness.

“In the past, it was more common in rural environments, where the use of the table stretcher is more widespread, with the brazier under the table where people sit and place the tablecloth over their legs to be closer to the brazier and get warm,” explains Virginia Sanchez, a dermatologist. However, it has now also begun to affect laptop users who spend too much time with the computer on their lap.

“It is also seen in people who frequently apply very hot water bags to relieve chronic pain in certain body regions, such as the lower back,” adds Dr. Sanchez, who points out that “the only treatment is to abandon exposure to the heat source.”

It is therefore recommended that we do not expose ourselves to a direct heat source for a long time and avoid direct contact with the computer on the legs.