Why does our hair fall out in the fall?

Welcome to back to school!


After the well-deserved summer break, September is a crazy month in which we all dream of being able to organize our daily routines in a mathematically perfect way in which there is time for everything: work, organize the house, share time with our family, do our hobbies, take care of ourselves, rest… In short, TIME FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

Perhaps because of all this “excessive emotional and mental effort” is why a series of mechanisms are triggered in our organism that predispose to hair loss. But do not despair!

Generally, when hair loss is relatively abrupt and associated with some type of physical or emotional stress, it is a SEASONAL HAIR LOSS or what dermatologists call TELOGEN EFLUVIOUS EFLUVIOUS.

Telogen effluvium is not considered a disease, but rather a hair condition in which the percentage of hairs that are normally in the shedding phase (telogen phase) is increased. And this manifests itself in such a way that we suddenly see that there are hairs everywhere, in the shower, on the car seat, on our clothes… and when we comb our hair, many more hairs fall out than usual.

However, and for our peace of mind, I would like to explain that this fall is TEMPORARY, IT ALWAYS RECOVERES. Over time, most of our hair returns to its stable growth state (anagen phase).

I would like to clarify certain FALSE MYTHS about hair loss

1. HEAD WASHING: The number of washes does not influence hair loss. You can wash it as many times as you want.

2. ANTI-AIDS SHAMPOO: It is difficult to have any effect with the time it is in contact with the scalp. In addition, the product is diluted with water. Generally, they do not work on their own

3. IF YOU PLUCK OUT ONE HAIR, YOU WILL GET 7 NEW HAIRS: the hair root loses pigment over the years but there is no connection between the plucking of a hair from the root and the loss of pigment from the adjacent follicles…


HEALTHY LIVING: Eat well and try to avoid emotional stress.
NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Especially those containing L-Cystine, Biotin and Zinc.