Why shouldn’t we touch our pimples?

When we manipulate skin lesions such as blackheads (open comedo), mini cysts (closed comedo) or pus pimples, we produce a direct aggression to the skin. As a result, the skin in that area becomes acutely inflamed, causing it to appear red, swollen and scaly. A few days after manipulating the skin, new pimples often appear in the same area. This is due to the activation of the inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicle that occurs when we squeeze or pinch the skin.

When new pimples appear, we manipulate the lesions again, entering a vicious circle that ends up producing small scars and spots, which are more difficult to remove than the acne itself. acne itself. For this reason, we do not recommend the manipulation of skin lesions in general, but to seek medical help from a dermatologist at the appearance of the first lesions.

As for the traditional “triangle of death” it is an old concept that refers to a major medical problem called cellulitis or infection of the subcutaneous tissue. When this serious infection appears in the area of the center of the face there is a risk of spread of the infection to the brain, which is life-threatening. However, centrofacial cellulitis is very rare and does not usually occur due to handling skin tags, but rather due to other associated medical conditions.

“We do not recommend manipulation of skin lesions in general but seek medical help from a dermatologist at the appearance of the first lesions.”