You can enjoy the sun, but do it with caution.

Adequate exposure time is key to enjoy the sun in a prudent and appropriate way because its radiation has many positive effects on our health, but it also carries many risks. “You have to differentiate between prudent exposure and excessive exposure. Common sense can provide guidance as the body usually warns when it has received too much ultraviolet radiation by means of sunburn, spots or rashes. The most serious consequence of intense and prolonged sun exposure is skin cancer. skin cancerespecially melanoma“warns the Dr. Virginia Sánchez.

Dr. Sánchez offers a decalogue of recommendations for adequate sun protection:

  • Use good quality sunscreens, with filters against ultraviolet radiation A and B and an SPF of 50, especially in summer and especially if you have fair skin.
  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure; initially use a cream or lotion sunscreen and reserve gel, oil or spray for reapplication.
  • Repeat the application every 2 hours or immediately if it has become wet.
  • In addition to topical photoprotectors you can resort to oral presentations.
  • If you resort to oral photoprotectors, start taking them 2 months before sun exposure and continue afterwards, mainly in the spring and summer months.
  • They should be taken in the morning or 2 hours before exposure.
  • The oral photoprotectorsare very useful in fair-skinned people or those with a history of skin cancer.
  • Wear seasonally appropriate clothing that covers most of your skin.
  • Choose category 3 or 4 sunglasses.
  • Don’t forget your cap and hat and, whenever possible, enjoy the summer in the shade or under the umbrella.